The Keys to the Kingdom

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This comprehensive history of the Kansas City Chiefs franchise tells the story–in words and pictures–of Mid-America’s team. The Keys to the Kingdom will remind you why you became a Chiefs fan, whether you’ve been a fan since the Len Dawson days or you jumped on the bandwagon with the arrival of Patrick Mahomes.


The Keys to the Kingdom: An Illustrated Timeline of the Kansas City Chiefs is a reflection of a personal journey that started in the summer of 1963. Just before David turned 5, the Dallas Texans arrived in Kansas City to become the Chiefs. He remembers his Dad being excited that KC had professional football, so he was excited too.

He remembers Super Bowl I, when the minister (who was not a sports fan) said, “I understand I have to cut the sermon short today because the AFL is playing the CIO.” The 8-year-old whispered to his Mom that the AFL was playing the NFL, and she just nodded.

The family moved away from Kansas City because of his Dad’s work prior to the 1969 season, but he still followed the Chiefs closely from afar. He watched Super Bowl IV with glee. He cried on Christmas Day in 1971 when the Chiefs lost the longest game in pro football history.

He’s lived through some really lean years, which made the past few years even more enjoyable. He choked up a bit when the Chiefs made it to Super Bowl LIV.

This book is personal. It’s written for fans throughout the Chiefs Kingdom, but mostly it’s written for people like him, people who have loved the Chiefs for almost 60 years. You’ll enjoy reliving the journey.