Orion O’Brien and the Ghost of Samuel Grayhawk


Four kids meet the ghost of a Native American boy and figure out how to help him move on to the spirit world.



There’s the ghost of an Indian boy in the basement across the street!

That’s what Orion, her brother Ollie and neighbor kids Sal and Sofi Martelli discover in the Martellis’ basement.  Now they understand all the weird things that have been happening since the Martellis moved in.  Eleven-year-old Samuel Grayhawk died in an accident while attending the Shawnee Indian Mission school, which stands a few blocks from the kids’ homes.  He’s been waiting more than 100 years for someone to help him find the spirit of his sister Molly.  He avoids grown-ups, so the kids must keep him a secret while trying to find a way to learn Molly’s fate.  Using their wits, imagination and a tall order of faith, they get answers. The catch?  If Samuel finds Molly, he’ll go to the spirit world and they’ll never see him again.

In a few whirlwind weeks, through good times and bad, joy and sorrow, the kids forge an unbreakable bond with Samuel. Their unforgettable friendship teaches them more than they bargained for about love, sharing, and doing the right thing.

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