My First Name Is Coach


Larry Holley is the 10th winningest coach in four-year college basketball history. Yet he was far more than just a basketball coach. He was a friend to everyone he came in contact with, and used basketball to change the world for the better.


Larry Holley grew up in the tiny town of Jameson, Missouri, and he never forgot his roots. Even after becoming a standout three-sport student-athlete at William Jewell College and later the 10th winningest coach in four-year college basketball history, Holley was still the same guy—rooted, supportive and friendly to competitor and colleague alike. His story is about so much more than his 918 wins. It’s about treating people with respect and making them feel like they were important to him—because they were. You will be encouraged to live your life in a more meaningful way after reading the subtle but transformative story of what made Larry Holley the man he was. Written before his sudden and surprising death, this story is in his own words.